Angels of Assisi helps animals from families who may be facing eviction

More than 40 pets have received help since the coronavirus pandemic started

ROANOKE, VA – A Roanoke-based nonprofit is stepping up to help take care of pets in need.

Angels of Assisi’s Guardian Angel program takes care of pets from families that are struggling with medical issues, homelessness or hospice care.

The program helped more than 40 new pets in the past year.

“A lot of people are struggling with housing right now. Whether it’s because of job loss or their living situation has changed, so we’ve seen a lot of increase of people not being able to keep their pets where they’re living,” explained communications director Dayna Reynolds.

The program also recently received a large grant of $10,000 to help continue its efforts.

The pets are returned to the owner once that person is able to take them back.

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