Roanoke car wash condemned after landslide causes damage

No injuries reported


Southern Classic Auto Wash owners Willy Snider and Nancy Alcorn said they learned that a landslide took their business after a call from police on Tuesday morning.

The news came as a hurtful blow to the two as their business meant everything to them.

Employing nearly 20 people, they are thankful no one was inside the building at the time.

“Kinda don’t know what to think,” Snider said. “To see half the building is collapsed, you just, kind of in shock for a few minutes. Trying to now just evaluate and see what we have.”

Examining the damage, the owners have no idea how much it will cost to rebuild or when they will open again.

City stormwater crews surveyed the area as well to understand how much moisture was collected in the rocks to cause this landslide.

They said it is possible that pieces could continue to fall throughout Tuesday.

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