Online petition shows some aren’t pumped about Lynchburg Kroger gas station

1,100 signatures collected so far

There's backlash over a push to add a gas station at a local Kroger.

LYNCHBURG, Va. – There’s backlash over a push to add a gas station at one Lynchburg Kroger.

As we reported last month, there are plans to tear down the two-story building at The Village Courts shopping center on Boonsboro Road.

Kroger wants to add a gas station to its existing store, but an online petition with more than 1,100 isn’t buying it.

They say it will increase pollution and potentially put the nearby gas stations out of business.

Below is a statement from Allison McGee, corporate affairs manager for Kroger Mid-Atlantic:

Kroger has been working with the landlord at the Village Court Shopping Center on their plans to renovate. Our proposed updates are designed to help us serve our customers better and enhance the entire shopping center that, due to the pandemic, is more than 50% vacant and would be facing financial hardships without Kroger’s commitment. It is our hope that the community will see the benefits of the upgrades and adding another fuel option to Boonsboro.

Below is a statement from John I. Silverman, Managing Principal for Midland Atlantic Development Co., LLC:

Kroger and Midland Atlantic are both community-minded companies. Over the past couple of months, the neighbors have reached out to request 3 changes that they felt would help the project. We agreed to make all 3 of those changes: we’re adding landscaping between the shopping center and the neighbors, we’re installing a privacy fence, and we’re improving an existing storm sewer concern.

About the Author:

Tim Harfmann joined the 10 News team in September 2020 and works at the station's Lynchburg bureau.