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Pulaski County community worked together to clear massive fallen tree from road

A group of five neighbors

Community helps clear downed tree
Community helps clear downed tree

HIWASSEE, Va. – A massive tree fell on some telephone lines on Thursday, blocking a road in Pulaski County, but neighbors didn’t waste any time and went straight to work.

The tree toppled over on Lead Mine Road in Hiwassee, pulling down lines and cutting off both lanes of traffic.

As more cars started lining up, one man grabbed a chainsaw and started cutting off branches while about four others helped drag them off the road.

People who live in the area say this happens all the time, and they’re happy to help their neighbors.

“Normally someone that lives nearby will cut them out or someone has a chainsaw in their truck that’s coming. We pull together,” said Heather Fizer who helped clear the tree.

“It’s a community. You just got to do what you got to do. I walk outside and somebody needs a chainsaw, so you just grab a chainsaw,” said Joseph Champion, another neighbor who helped clear the tree.

The group was able to clear the road safely so cars could pass through.

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