Upgrades to Tanglewood Mall, projects around it to take 15-20 years

Officials said a lot of changes will be seen before the final completion

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. – Just like commuters and residents, Roanoke County officials want to see the completion of projects in and around Tanglewood Mall sooner rather than later. However, the reality is that these projects take some time to complete.

With a lot to accomplish, officials said Thursday that the project will likely take 15-20 years to complete.

In that time, you will see a lot of changes before its final completion. It is likely Tanglewood Mall will look a lot different. The roadway will see major upgrades and new businesses will pop up.

“Nearly $50 million in state and federal funding has been secured for transportation and streetscaping improvements in this corridor,” said officials on the call.

Roanoke County officials met with business leaders Thursday as part of a virtual forum.

“We’re basically fighting the old retail model of large retail tenants who wants large parking lots and lots of visibility,” said the mall developer when speaking about challenges against the more modern way of shopping – quick and mostly online.

The purpose of the project is to bring more excitement to your hometown. Of course, part of that would be driving in small businesses.

The Roanoke Regional Small Business Development Center spoke during the call saying they, “can help you determine what is right for you for space consideration in your business. As well as help you with business plans and market research.”

The Small Business Development Center helps businesses with 250 employees or less.

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