Chihuahua rescued after ‘short foot/paw’ pursuit in Blacksburg

Cecily gave officers a run for her money in Blacksburg this morning (Virginia Tech Police)

A little chihuahua in Blacksburg gave officers a run for their money during what they called a “short foot/paw” pursuit early on Thursday.

According to Virginia Tech Police, it all started when Officer Jamal Jackson saw a chihuahua on Beamer Way while on patrol without its owner.

Officer Jackson called in backup, and Officer Josh Jones helped bring the pursuit to an end on Washington Street near Steger Hall.

Authorities said that the little pup, Cecily, ran away from her Blacksburg home two days ago. Her owner posted about her big break on social media and some locals hit the pavement to bring the adventurous dog home.

Thankfully, Cecily was returned to her owner safe and sound.

We had a short foot/paw pursuit today. Officer Jamal Jackson while on routine patrol observed a lone chihuahua on...

Posted by Virginia Tech Police on Thursday, April 8, 2021

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