White House Economic Advisor discusses impacts of American Rescue Plan in Virginia

From stimulus checks to unemployment benefits, Virginians are on the road to economic recovery

ROANOKE, Va – One of President Joe Biden’s top economic experts says two major pieces of legislation are helping reopen Virginia’s economy.

The American Rescue Plan has given hundreds of thousands of stimulus checks to Virginians but also helped provide small businesses with funding and provided benefits for people who are unemployed.

White House Economist Jared Bernstein spoke to 10 News and says plenty of Virginians need ongoing support from the federal government.

“This economy will not fully recover until we deal Coronavirus the knockout blow that it has here to four avoided and so that means production and distribution of the vaccine and that’s also been critical to Virginia’s economic recovery,” White House Economic Advisor Jared Bernstein said.

Bernstein says Biden’s proposed infrastructure plan would also benefit several projects across the Commonwealth.

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