Sen. Tim Kaine supports Biden’s gun control proposals

Kaine urges for better gun laws

ROANOKE, Va. – To curb gun violence in the nation, Pres. Joe Biden recently unveiled his list of restrictions he wants to implement.

Sen. Tim Kaine agrees with the restrictions on homemade guns, otherwise known as ghost guns, and background checks.

As the 14th anniversary of the Virginia Tech shooting approaches next week, Tim Kaine, who was governor at the time, reflects on the tragedy that took 32 lives.

Kaine said a failure in the background check system is how the gunman was able to buy firearms in 2007 despite having a history of mental health issues.

“He was prohibited from having them,” Kaine said. “But a background check didn’t pick up and stop him from purchasing those weapons.”

Kaine said he hopes Congress will agree on Biden’s executive proposals immediately to create better gun laws.

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