New River Valley auto workers go on strike at Volvo truck plant

The strike comes after a 30-day contract extension between the workers and the truck manufacturer

DUBLIN, Va. – About 3,000 auto workers at the New River Valley Volvo truck plant in Dublin, Virginia have gone on strike.

The strike comes after a 30-day contract extension between the workers and the truck manufacturer.

On Saturday morning, the plant’s vice president and general manager, Franky Marchand, said in a statement that he was “surprised and disappointed” that the auto workers decided to strike given that he feels as if progress is being made.

In the statement, he said that the company is seeking to provide better wages, job security and benefits and said he doesn’t understand why United Auto Workers is against employees continuing to build trucks as negotiations continue.

We are surprised and disappointed that the UAW decided to strike. Progress was being made, and we had offered substantial increases in our employees’ compensation. We don’t understand why the UAW won’t allow our employees to continue building trucks while we continue negotiations. We are committed to the collective bargaining process and look forward to getting back to the table. We are confident that we will be able to arrive at an agreement that provides a competitive wage and benefit package for our employees and families, and helps to ensure the plant’s competitiveness, long-term growth and sustainability.

NRV Vice President and General Manager Franky Marchand

The NRV plant has about 3,300 employees, 2,900 of whom are United Auto Workers.

According to a press release, the plant has added 1,100 jobs since the current union agreement was implemented in 2016 and is on track to have a net increase of approximately 600 positions in 2021.

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