Two candidates vying to be the Democratic nominee for Virginia’s Attorney General

Democratic primary will be held June 8th

Democrat primary set for next week
Democrat primary set for next week

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Virginia’s Democrats are holding their primary on June 8th, and 10 News is breaking down the statewide races.

For attorney general, it’s a head-to-head battle between the incumbent, Attorney General Mark Herring, and Delegate Jay Jones.

Herring became Virginia’s AG in 2014 and was reelected in 2017.

“I’ve shown that, not only can I do the job, but do it exceedingly and abundantly well,” said Herring.

Jones was elected to the House of Delegates four years ago and currently represents Virginia’s 89th District.

“I have the fresh face, the new perspective, the bold agenda that voters will be looking for in November,” said Jones.

Herring said he created the civil rights office to root out discrimination, and he vowed to continue his work.

“I would say criminal justice, addressing inequities in race, the systemic racism that we know continues to persist around the state,” said Herring.

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