You can help choose the new name of Patrick Henry Community College

College has been told to pick a new name due to slavery ties

Starting today you can give your input on the new name for Patrick Henry Community College.

You can now give your input on a new name for Patrick Henry Community College.

The school is putting out a survey following a state board recommendation.

That’s because Patrick Henry, who served as Virginia’s first governor, owned slaves.

However, school leaders say the name is related to the nearby counties.

While this kind of change isn’t easy or cheap, leaders told 10 News they have no choice.

“We’re getting told from Richmond that we need to change the name of our board. It’s incredibly frustrating to me that this is what we are focusing on,” said Wren Williams, who is on the Board of Supervisors for the school. “I feel like it’s very destructive to our education and our goals, our set missions that we have.”

The survey will be open all next week. The picks will then be sent off on June 21.

You can participate in the survey here.

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