Former Lynchburg middle school teacher pleads guilty to breaking into woman’s apartment, stealing underwear

Kevin C. Conway
Kevin C. Conway (Blue Ridge Regional Jail)

LYNCHBURG, Va. – A former Lynchburg middle school teacher has pleaded guilty to breaking into a woman’s apartment and stealing her underwear, according to the Commonwealth’s Attorney.

Officials said Kevin Conway, 41, entered guilty pleas to six counts of burglary and six counts of petit larceny on June 8. The crimes reportedly happened between May and June of 2020.

Conway was found inside the closet of a young woman’s townhome in Lynchburg in July 2020, according to authorities. The woman told him to leave and chased him out of her home, and the woman and her neighbor waited outside with Conway until the police came so he didn’t run, according to the Commonwealth’s Attorney.

Authorities said Conway told officers that he was the victim’s neighbor and said that he found her and her roommate attractive and would watch them.

Conway broke into the women’s home ten times since May of 2020 through a kitchen window that was left unlocked, according to police. Officers said the women kept knickknacks on their windowsill, and Conway took a picture to make sure he would put them back in their original place when he left.

According to the Commonwealth’s Attorney, Conway said he was curious about what a woman’s apartment looked like and admitted to stealing the women’s underwear to masturbate.

Conway told authorities he kept the stolen underwear in a box in his bedroom, and officers found the box once they got a search warrant for his home.

Conway’s attorney told the court that Conway was a teacher at Langhorne Middle School and “in a depressed state” when the incidents occured.

The Commonwealth’s Attorney said that Conway was originally charged with 11 counts of burglary and 9 counts of petit larceny. After consulting with the victims, the Commonwealth agreed to dismiss five counts of burglary and three counts of petit larceny in exchange for guilty pleas to six counts of burglary and six counts of petit larceny.

A sentence has not been agreed on.

Conway’s sentencing hearing is on Sept. 15, 2021 at 9 a.m. and he will be held at Blue Ridge Regional Jail until then.

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