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$25 million courthouse construction plans approved in Botetourt County

The plan includes tearing down the current courthouse and building a new, three-story structure in the same location.

A multi-million dollar building is coming to Botetourt County.
A multi-million dollar building is coming to Botetourt County.

BOTERTOURT COUNTY, Va. – A multi-million dollar building is coming to Botetourt County.

Tuesday, Botetourt County’s Board of Supervisors approved a $25 million plan to tear down the current county courthouse and build a new one. The plan includes much-needed updates to meet current state courthouse standards and other federal requirements.

“ConfederateEverything from handicap access to privacy and safety and judges quarters, so on and so forth. Also, anticipating growth in the county and other courthouse needs that will be necessary going forward for many years to come,” said Botetourt County supervisor from Fincastle, Robert Bailey.

The plans for the new courthouse will retain the historic look of the current building.

“It’s a historic location and our job is to preserve what’s there as much as we can while also making room for the necessary space that is going to be required of the court facilities going forward. So I think we’ve been able to capture those desires with our plans,” said Bailey.

Those desires include the preservation and relocation of the county’s historical society museum as well as the Confederate veterans’ monument at the entrance of the current courthouse. But some people still aren’t pleased with the decision.

“So instead of trying to alter the history of this county, you should embrace the history of this county and make improvements elsewhere and leave the integrity, the historical integrity of Fincastle alone,” said Botetourt County resident, Chris McCloud.

But county officials say they plan to honor the area’s history despite the courthouse’s advancements. Officials also say there will not be a tax increase for residents, in order to fund this major project.