Renewed talks over dam removal in Danville following tragic tubing incident on the Dan River

The tubing tragedy along the Dan River that left five people dead in Rockingham County, North Carolina is reigniting talks about dam removals in Danville.

DANVILLE, Va. – The tubing tragedy on the Dan River that left five people dead just across the border in North Carolina last month is reigniting talks about the dam’s removal in Danville.

The proposal is specifically for the hydraulic dam between the White Mill and the YMCA.

While this isn’t the first death on the water in Southside, we’re told there are several other factors to consider like future growth along the River Front.

“There are projects planned for around that dam, includes the redevelopment of the White Mill that could be impacted by dam’s existence or dam’s removal,” said Danville City Manager Ken Larking,

Staff will need to review permit requirements, but the decision is ultimately up to a vote by city council.