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Salem softball tournament welcomes thousands of visitors along with booming business

The USA Softball National Championships is a week long tournament welcoming over 62 teams from across the country

Thousands of people from across the country are visiting the city this week for the USA Softball National Championship.

SALEM, Va. – After the coronavirus pandemic canceled many events like the Salem fair in 2020, the city is now getting a boost in business thanks to two back-to-back events. Thousands of people from across the country are visiting the City of Salem this week for the USA Softball National Championships.

62 teams representing 19 states are in the Roanoke Valley competing in the USA Softball National Championships. The week-long tournament kicked off Sunday. Salem’s Director of Parks and Recreation, John Shaner says the event is bringing in nearly two thousand players, coaches and their families.

“Whenever you do an event that’s longer than six days it’s truly making a huge impact on our valley. Helping our hotels out, our restaurants, going to the grocery stores, going to getting pizza,” he said.

Business owners, like Bob Rotanz of Mac and Bob’s, are calling this week a “grand slam” for business.

“Oh, it’s been a great week. We actually staffed up all week as if it was a Friday,” said Rotanz. “We had a group last night, a big party and then on Tuesday night we had four different teams in.”

This tournament comes just a few weeks after the Salem Fair wrapped up with record-breaking numbers. Now, city leaders are anticipating a similar boost in Salem’s economy and beyond.

“Most importantly it’s not just Salem, it’s the whole Roanoke Valley. Roanoke County, Botetourt County, Roanoke City, you know everyone benefits when we host this event, not just one jurisdiction,” said Shaner. “It’s a wonderful event putting money back into the Roanoke Valley.”

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