Blacksburg adding bike boxes at certain intersections to prevent crashes

Three roadways will get the new markings.

New markings on Blacksburg roadways has one goal: safety for bikers.

BLACKSBURG, Va. – Expect to see some new markings on the roadways in Blacksburg to promote safety for cyclists.

The town will add green bike boxes on Prices Fork Road, Toms Creek Road and Stranger Street.

The goal is to prevent crashes when cars are turning right and cyclists are in the intersection.

Cars will have to stop behind the bike box and wait for the traffic light signal to change before proceeding.

Rendering of what a bike box can look like. (National Association of City Transportation Officials)

The cost of adding the bike boxes and green biking lanes will be between $35,000 and $40,000.

Extra signs will be added near these roadways as well to help make it clear for drivers.

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