LIST: Here’s what’s happening during James River Week

Events run Sept. 11-18

The events range from recreation to art projects.

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Environmentalists are dedicating Sept. 11-18 as James River Week to enjoy and appreciate the James River.

There are events along the 75 miles of the watershed, ranging from recreation to art projects.

In Lynchburg, a clean-up event was held on Saturday, Sept. 11, at Percival’s Island.

From Sept. 16-18, you can schedule batteau rides, which were used to transport goods along the river in the 1800s.

The Water Dog restaurant in Downtown Lynchburg is even donating part of its oyster profits to the initiative.

Organizers said they want to reintroduce people to the river.

“For a while, the James [River] has been looked at as a dirty and dangerous river, and the river’s inherently dangerous, just as all of them are; but the dirty part has certainly changed over the last 40 years. The river has made an incredible comeback from one of the most polluted and dirty rivers in America, to now one of the cleanest tributaries to the entire Chesapeake Bay,” explained Rob Campbell of the James River Association.

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