Danville hosts first Faith and Blue event to foster stronger community bonds

A variety of fun activities spark reconciliation in Southside

A variety of fun activities spark reconciliation in Southside

DANVILLE, Va. – Fostering a stronger bond between law enforcement and the community, Danville hosted their first Faith and Blue Weekend.

Kickstarting the gathering with a youth choir, Danville hosts their first Faith and Blue event to build bridges with the community.

The effort is sparked by a national push where law enforcement and religious figures come together to foster reconciliation.

From pumpkin painting to cornhole tossing, Sheriff Mike Mondul wants to spread joy on Third Avenue.

“It’s important for our law enforcement, us to kind of get together with the faith-based community to continue to build that bridge stronger and make our community a better place overall,” Mondul said.

With two horses waiting in the corner, deputies help children climb up to get a taste of horseback riding.

Most of the teens are from the Hoops Don’t Shoot ministry that helps encourage youth to get off the streets.

Angienette Dixon, the founder of Hoops Don’t Shoot, said they have worked with Mondul for the past four years and many of teens are now inspired to one day wear the badge themselves.

“It helps them get a relationship with the officers,” Dixon said. “They see they ain’t against them. It’s awesome. They trust them more.”

Spreading religious devotion for the past 33 years in the community, Good News Jail and Prison Ministry Chaplain David Abernathy wants to encourage young minds to take charge.

“They have the courage to change a lot of things in their lives and in the community,” Abernathy said.

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