Stink bugs invading your home? Why we see more of them as temperatures drop

Researchers say during fall, many insects, including stink bugs, are looking for a place to hide for the winter

As the temperature drops, more bugs are crawling into our homes.

ROANOKE, Va. – The temperature is dropping which means animals and bugs are getting ready for winter. Unfortunately for some, this means more critters and pests are finding their way into our homes, especially the stink bug.

Why is it during this time of year we see these pesky brown bugs more often? Virginia Tech professor and researcher, Dr. Ben Chambers studies stink bugs and their behavior- including why and how they get into our homes.

“We see them in the Fall when they are looking for a safe place to hide for the winter. A place that isn’t going to get too cold or where they are hopefully going to be able to rest undisturbed until it’s warm again,” said Chambers.

Many people in the Roanoke Valley say they’re experiencing what feels like an invasion of stink bugs.

“They’ve covered my house, like completely covered. They stink really bad if you squish them. We try to vacuum them up,” said Boones Mill resident, Jade Hurt.

“I squeal like a little girl. I say, ‘Ahhh, stink bugs,” said Roanoke resident, Peter Muso.

According to research, Chambers say stink bugs can crawl through a space as small as four millimeters.

“One of the great things you can do is just to weatherize your house. So they are getting in through gaps in your house, maybe around windows or doors most likely. So if you get weather stripping or seal any kind of openings- you can keep out the bugs,” he said.

There are easy ways researchers recommend to get rid of the pests without stinking up your home.

“The best way to do this is just with some soapy water under a lamp. So when the bugs are out and about they are going to be attracted to the light and fall into the soapy water and die,” said Chambers.

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