E.C. Glass welcomes back famous alumni for 40th anniversary of theater program

The school’s performance of ‘I Hate Hamlet’ runs through Oct. 23

One Lynchburg school is celebrating forty years of its theater program.

LYNCHBURG, Va. – One Lynchburg school is celebrating 40 years of its theater program by welcoming back alumni to be part of the show.

E.C. Glass High School is performing the comedy ‘I Hate Hamlet’ this weekend.

Actor Matt Fletcher went onto professional roles including NBC’s Chicago Fire.

Allison Daugherty’s work includes NBC’s Law & Order, as well as Sex and the City.

“So many of us have graduated and gone into theater professionally, so many technical designers or directors; and I used to work on Broadway, and you’d bump into people all the time in the neighborhood from E.C. Glass,” said Daugherty, who now serves as a theater director at her Lynchburg alma mater.

“E.C. Glass theater was where I decided that I could become a professional actor. It’s where someone, for the first time, said, ‘Hey, you know what? You could do this. This is a real job that you could have.’ So, I credit Glass theater for what’s ever happened to me as an actor,” said Fletcher.

The show runs through Saturday, Oct. 23.

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