Supply chain challenges create hurdles for school lunch programs

Henry County is the most recent school division to feel impacts from stalled shipping

Supply chain issues are growing by the day, and now they're impacting school lunch programs all across the country.

HENRY COUNTY, Va. – Some consider lunchtime the most important part of the day for young students, but now supply chain issues are starting to cause issues for divisions across the country.

“We know that having a hot breakfast and hot lunch are cornerstones for student learning and student growth,” said Monica Hatchett with Henry County Public Schools said.

Henry County Public Schools is the latest among several counties in our region to share updates about the changes with their families. The school division can provide breakfast and lunch for its students.

“It is getting harder as more and more people are shopping for food, especially in the foodservice industry. It’s just not revived itself yet, and so we have noticed over time that we have had to make some replacements,” Hatchett said.

But it’s not just our corner of Virginia, schools all over the state and even the country are dealing with the same issue.

Other school districts including Pulaski County and Giles County have also experienced changes with their lunch programs.

While there is no clear sign of when the supply issues could end, school leaders say their staff is doing everything they can to continue to provide full meals to their students.

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Annie Schroeder joined the 10 News team as a reporter in June 2020 and is no stranger to Southwest Virginia.