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Health expert calls Pfizer’s antiviral pill a ‘game changer’ in the battle against COVID

Pfizer says its anti-COVID pill is 89% effective

Pfizer said it plans to submit data to the FDA on its anti-COVID pill.

ROANOKE, Va. – Pfizer plans to submit data to the FDA on a pill that aims to save lives after contracting the coronavirus.

Pfizer said their antiviral pill will cut the risk of severe COVID-19 by nearly 90% with a 89% efficacy rate.

A possible solution is to keep people out of hospitals and away from death beds.

Virginia State Vaccination Coordinator Dr. Danny Avula calls any antiviral pill to combat COVID a “game-changer.”

He said it’s exactly what the community needs along with vaccinations and more testing accessibility to put an end to this pandemic.

“This is a game-changer for us,” Avula said. “If we have approved oral medications that can reduce the severe consequences, that can reduce hospitalization and death. That’s one huge step we are going to need to really be comfortable going back to normal.”

Avula said it could be weeks before the pill is approved.

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