Danville City Council approves 1% sales tax increase; money to be used for construction and renovation of schools

The sales tax will expire on May 31, 2041


DANVILLE, Va. – On Tuesday night, Danville City Council approved a 1% sales tax increase that will aid in constructing and renovating schools in Danville.

This meeting comes after a referendum election on Nov. 2 where citizens approved the sales tax. It passed with 7,515 citizens voting for it and 4,921 citizens voting against it. According to our previous reporting, the increase is slated to bring in $144 million in revenue to construct and revamp schools in Danville.

The local tax will also apply to leases or rentals of personal property where those leases or rentals are subject to the state tax.

The sales tax will stay in place until May 31, 2041.

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