Former CDC director weighs in on COVID-19 guidance before students return to school

Redfield served for President Donald Trump

Hear what he has to say about heading back to the classroom

ROANOKE, Va – As the omicron variant spreads across the United States, the former director of the CDC is laying out guidance for parents with children returning to school.

Robert Redfield was CDC Director under President Donald Trump. He is now a senior medical advisor.

Redfield said the number one way for parents to protect their children is to get them the vaccine if they are eligible. He also said parents should be testing their children if they’ve been exposed.

“I just think it’s important for parents to be vigilant to try to help keep the face-to-face learning opened in the schools and to realize that virtual education is really not in the public health interest of our K-12 students,” said Redfield.

Redfield also suggests parents follow the CDC’s test and stay program. It aims to prevent keeping students out of schools if they have potentially been exposed.

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