New recreation center focused on youth sports coming to Smith Mountain Lake

The owner of Mitchell’s Point Marina wants to name it Veterans Memorial Courts

Here's why the owner wants to build it and when it should be complete.

BEDFORD COUNTY, Va. – Jeff Prowse, the owner of Mitchell’s Point Marina in Bedford, has the vision to get more children active.

“I’ve always wanted to build a rink, a hockey rink in Virginia, in the woods!” said Prowse.

He’s turning that dream into reality by bringing hockey to Huddleston.

Prowse purchased more property near the marina to build a roller hockey rink, basketball court, and pickleball court.

He says there are not a lot of public, recreation spaces in the area.

“For a couple of years, we’ve had kids down at the marina. They’ve set up a basketball hoop and played down at the marina, but it’s very busy and it’s not optimal,” said Prowse.

Now they’ll have a safer place to play.

Prowse says he’s spent $60,000 on the project so far and received assistance from local businesses and the county.

Along with building those athletic courts, Prowse has a plan to build an American flag and memorial walk to honor veterans who served our country.

“One of the reasons that we have these types of facilities, and we’re able to give these opportunities to kids, is because of all the sacrifices [veterans made] to make something like this possible,” said Prowse.

After serving in the Marines, he wants to name it Veterans Memorial Courts.

You can inscribe a brick for $100, and the money goes towards youth sports programs.

Neighbor Tom Stevens supports the idea.

“I got four kids that all love sports. I think it’s great for the kids in this area to have somewhere, something to do besides being on the water,” said Stevens.

Prowse says the basketball court and roller hockey rink will be ready to play on by May 1, then the pickleball court by August.

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