Sen. Warner visits Roanoke to speak about the Bipartisan Infrastructure Package

$578 million will be coming to Virginia for bridge repairs

Virginia Sen. Mark Warner visited Roanoke to speak on infrastructure changes including bridges.

ROANOKE, Va. – Virginia Senator Mark Warner visited the Star City on Tuesday to talk about the Bipartisan Infrastructure Package.

Warner visited the Wiley Drive low water bridge over the Roanoke River, which frequently floods.

He spoke about the need to invest in infrastructure like bridges, railways and interstates.

In the Infrastructure Plan, there is money set aside for resiliency funding, which Warner said would be perfect for the Wiley Drive bridge.

“If I’ve got anything to say about it, this is gonna be one of the projects that will be the first in line to get those dollars so in inclement weather folks will still be able to not only drive but hike, bike, walk,” said Warner.

Also in the infrastructure package, $578 million will be coming to Virginia for bridge repairs as well as $2 billion for repairs along Interstate 81.