Virginia ABC to start announcing release dates for hard-to-find spirits

The CEO says this is an attempt to make sales fair for everyone

Virginia ABC will randomly announce where in-demand products are being sold

LYNCHBURG, Va.Virginia ABC announced it’s changing the way you can get your hands on limited-edition spirits.

CEO Travis Hill says they will start announcing which stores receive high-demand products.

He says that previously, some customers would camp out or even follow trucks on deliveries.

The new process will make it fair for everyone.

“We’re going to announce [release dates and locations], and then it gives everybody the opportunity to make that decision of, ‘okay, I’m going to try to go down to the store and see what they’ve got,’ and having a chance verses knowing, ‘well, if I go there at whatever time in the morning, people are going to be lined up and I’m not going to have a chance,” said Hill.

He says they will continue to host special lotteries for the hardest-to-find products.

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