Residents concerned after drunk driver hits three cars, flips in Blacksburg neighborhood

The incident happened on Harrell Street

Neighbors are concerned over a popular party spot in Blacksburg.

BLACKSBURG, Va. – People who live in Blacksburg are once again asking town leaders to address safety concerns with Virginia Tech students.

A drunk driver hit three cars and flipped their own early Saturday morning on Harrell Street. WSLS 10 News has learned the driver, Edward Ozyzc, is a Virginia Tech football player.

Briana Apgar innocently lost the most in the crash. She lives in the area around Center Street near the site of the crash, which she said is a hub for partying and tailgating.

Around 2 a.m. Saturday, Apgar heard a loud bang outside and found two of her cars damaged by the crash. She assumes them to be totaled.

Initially, she was concerned for the driver’s safety. Later, reality settled in. “

It’s always been a wild neighborhood, but I would’ve never described it as dangerous,” said Apgar.

No injuries were reported.

We have reported on Blacksburg residents asking Virginia Tech and the town to address student safety.

“There should be patrol that is known. I want mass gathering permits to be properly filed, properly filled out and enforced. I’m really sick of the endless warnings,” stated Apgar.

A town code requires an application to be filled out for when a mass gathering that might be noisy is planned.

Apgar filed a Freedom of Information Act request to see the applications filed in the town from August 2021 to March 2022.

Of the 16 applications she got from the town, 10 were from her neighborhood, she says.

Recognizing she lives in a college town, Apgar says her main concern isn’t punishment. It is safety.

“People can laugh. They can mock it off, whatever, but if and when there is a tragedy, I know that I spoke my part and I know that I tried to do what I could,” said Apgar.

WSLS 10 News reached out to the Blacksburg Town Manager to see how the town regulates these kinds of gatherings and to get their response on these concerns. So far, we have not heard back.

“I lost major property – tens of thousands of dollars, but the idea that I should hang my hat on hoping someone gets what they deserve is unproductive and vindictive and unhealthy,” said Apgar. “I hope that as a community we look toward solutions that are more sustainable. To look toward culture that is fun but less dangerous.”

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