Roanoke City Public Schools superintendent responds after guns found at elementary school

Verletta White says the administration and resource officer followed protocols

Authorities said a student was involved in the incident

ROANOKE, Va. – There are still some questions after two unloaded guns were found at Westside Elementary School.

Investigators say a student brought the weapons to school Tuesday morning and that it’s an isolated incident.

10 News was told that school staff was alerted about weapons on the property and quickly found the guns.

Verletta White, the superintendent of Roanoke City Public Schools, says that administrators and the school resource officer followed the protocols that were in place. She also said that they’re continuing to look at the research to prevent situations like this while evaluating their current practices.

“We have not stopped our drills, we have not stopped our protocols, and as a matter of fact, the protocols that we have in place worked. And that’s what prevented anything else from happening,” said White.

“Our procedures are in place for a reason, to ensure that safety to the best of our ability. And we work through the totality of the circumstances and the information we receive, and we work it until we either confirm or dispel the issue and I can tell you all those things were done,” said Roanoke City Public Schools Chief Operations Officer Chris Perkins.

Some of the specific details of this incident are unavailable because it’s an ongoing investigation.

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