Amherst County residents voice concerns over new recreation trail at Mill Creek Lake

Homeowners tell 10 News they approve of recreation, but it would be a danger to their area

Some people in Amherst County are voicing concerns over plans to build a recreation trail at Mill Creek Lake.

AMHERST COUNTY, Va. – Some Amherst County residents are voicing concerns over plans to build a recreation trail at Mill Creek Lake.

Homeowners told 10 News Monday that they approve of recreation in the county, but it would be a danger to their area.

“With the trail, people throw trash and they come on your land,” said one resident.

“The wildlife there needs to be preserved,” said another homeowner.

Amherst County Administrator Dean Rodgers says they’re trying to make the lake a fun destination for people to enjoy natural beauty.

“That’s our greatest resource; and so, if we are to make use of that resource to our advantage, then we have to make it available to the public,” said Rodgers.

They’ve hired a firm to survey the area and mark boundaries on what is private and public property.

Rodgers says they received a $350,000 federal grant to boost recreation at the lake and have already allowed swimming, added a beach, a floating dock, and soon they’ll add a jump swing.

But neighbors claim they’ve already picked up more trash on their property from visitors.

“There are a lot of trashcans down there [at the lake]. Use the trashcans, don’t put it on our property,” said one homeowner.

“They don’t really supervise [that area of the lake], and do the local police or sheriff’s department really want to monitor this?” said another.

No word yet on how much the trail would cost or when it would be complete.

Rodgers says it could be a multi-year project.

“A trail through the woods is not too much damage. It’s how one enjoys the woods,” said Rodgers.

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