Manna Food Pantry serving up groceries for struggling families

Weekly grocery distribution program is available Saturdays at Rescue Mission of Roanoke

The Rescue Mission of Roanoke has a food distribution program for any family needing help to put food on the table

ROANOKE, Va. – A program to prevent homelessness, serving up some relief for those struggling, one box at a time.

An assembly line was set up Tuesday morning at the Rescue Mission of Roanoke to fill up hundreds of boxes for the Manna Food Pantry, a weekly grocery box distribution program that serves families in need.

“These are all just dry goods, non-perishable items we’re putting in today, we do make 400 boxes a week,” said Pam Ferguson, Team Leader of the Manna Food Pantry.

Volunteers are at the heart of this organization. They make sure every box has its necessary items, but that’s just the beginning of the more than 60 pounds of food that’s given out in each box.

Leftover food is distributed on Saturday mornings during the drive-thru pick-up.

“They go down the line for the freezers, and at the other side of that assembly line is produce, and desserts and bread and just anything else we have to give out on Saturday morning,” said Ferguson.

With rising gas prices and inflation, the Manna food pantry helps more and more families keep food on the table.

“Food can be hard for families, jobs can change and people can just need a little help with their food sometimes,” said Ferguson.

The pantry provides food for all family members – even dogs and cats.

The amount of boxes given out per family depends on the number of people, but the process is simple: just show up.

“We have several people on iPads and we qualify you right in line,” said Ferguson.

The service is available every Saturday at the Rescue Mission of Roanoke between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. Families can visit once per month.

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