Families celebrate 4th of July down at Salem Fair

A day filled with rides and food finished off with a fireworks display lighting up the sky

Many spent their Independence Day at the Salem Fair

ROANOKE, Va. – Hundreds of families celebrated their Independence Day at this year’s Salem Fair.

For some families, it was their first time going to the fair, but The Poff family has a different story.

For 28 years, the family has made their trip to the fair every year on Independence day.

Pam Poff, the mom, said that now that her kids are growing up, it is nice to have some time together every year.

“It is awesome because our kids are getting older and as they’ve been getting older we’ve been watching them come and enjoy this fair every year. That’s been perfect,” Poff said.

Pam’s husband, Mike, got his chance to enjoy the freedoms he and his ancestors fought for over the years.

“I was in the Navy. My father was in Korea. My grandfather was in the first world war,” Poff said.

Even as Mike and Pam watch their kids get on and off the rides, they said they’re lucky their family has stuck together for so long.

“The fact that they still want to come and be with us and hang out with us and just enjoy each other’s company...it’s great, I love it,” Pam said.

While the crowd at the Salem Fair is typically filled with families, some people came alone to celebrate their freedom and independence.

Fairgoers like John Mackey enjoy watching the shows, but you won’t ever catch him on any of the rides.

“My riding days are over,” Mackey said. “Servicemen gave their life so we can have the freedom to enjoy America and the freedoms America bestows upon us.”

Others come to the fair that have served for our country, like Yolanda.

Yolanda has only lived in the Salem area for a couple of years. She retired from the military, but her husband continues to serve the United States every day.

“I served in the military. The marine core. And my husband is also serving in the military. So the fourth of July means a lot to me,” Yolanda said.

July 5 is WSLS Day at the fair.

If you bring two pairs of new socks, wristbands will be reduced to $19 – the ticket price on this day is $28. All sock donations will go to the Roanoke Rescue Mission and Mrs. Dorsey’s Clothes Closet in Salem.

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