Baffled by Baffle’s handsome looks? You aren’t the only one

Baffle lived his entire life on a chain outside until coming to the Franklin County Humane Society over 206 days ago

He is house trained, and needs a patient and loving owners

ROCKY MOUNT, Va. – Could you imagine living your entire life on a chain? That’s the reality this handsome fella was living before he went to the Franklin County Humane Society.

Despite one-and-a-half-year-old Baffle’s ‘ruff’ beginnings, he’s a lover who’s looking for a warm-hearted owner.

Shelter staff said that Baffle seems to be housetrained and keeps his area clean overnight, which is over twelve hours.

Baffle’s ideal home would be one where he could be an only dog, or with another pet that would be a super friendly buddy, shelter staff said.

This guy loves to be around people, and would love to be your new lap dog, shelter staff said, just soaking up all of the love and attention you could give him.

Since he has lived most of his life chained up, shelter staff said Baffle is still a bit uneasy when it comes to being left alone, but they’re working with him, asking him to sit, and rewarding him with a treat before leaving so that he doesn’t feel as sad.

Shelter staff Baffle would benefit from an experienced owner willing to take things slow that could help him safely navigate the world and finally enjoy his life for the first time.

Baffle needs a home where he can build his confidence, and ultimately just feel safe and loved, according to shelter staff.

And, Baffle’s fee is sponsored.

If you’re interested in giving his handsome guy the loving home he’s deserved all along, you can apply to adopt him here, or contact the Franklin County Humane Society at (540) 489-3491.

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