Local World War II veteran shares firsthand experiences with Botetourt County students

Lord Botetourt High School students met with Joe Damiano on Wednesday

He joined the war at 18, and is now 100 years old

BOTETOURT, Va. – Students at Lord Botetourt High School got a chance to learn history from someone who experienced it firsthand.

Local World War II veteran, Joe Damiano, spoke with students on Wednesday about the time he served overseas.

“People love to hear war stories I guess. They love to hear about the past,” said Damiano.

At 18 years old, Damiano joined the Army and was deployed to Normandy just days after D-Day.

Now, Damiano is 100 years old.

Damiano shared his stories from the front lines with students at Lord Botetourt High School and said he was happy to hear their questions.

“I’m glad to answer their questions,” said Damiano. It’s been a real pleasure. I’ve enjoyed it,” Damiano added.

Bruce Ingram, LB English teacher, facilitated Damiano’s visit to help his students learn more about the 1940s and World War II.

“They have a prime firsthand source. He came in after D-Day and was critical work that he did getting supplies to the troops,” said Ingram.

Students like sophomores Abby Humphries and Ena Sejtanic said they were honored to get the chance to learn beyond their history books and hear about Damiano’s experiences while at war.

“I feel so incredibly lucky and very grateful that Mr. Ingram was able to put this together,” said Sejtanic.

“It was such a privilege. It’s so cool to meet someone like that and hear what he was thinking during that time, it was inspiring,” said Humphries.

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