‘We cannot afford to be California’: Gov. Youngkin vows to fight against gas-vehicle ban

"We cannot afford to be like California," said Gov. Youngkin

LYNCHBURG, Va. – While speaking before an energized crowd Monday, Gov. Glenn Youngkin doubled down on his vow to repeal a state law that would ban the sale of new gasoline-powered vehicles by 2035, a law tying Virginia to California’s plan.

“We cannot afford to be California. I’ve already said we are going to unhook ourselves from their 100% electric vehicle mandate,” said Gov. Youngkin while introducing his 2022 Energy Plan.

Drivers who spoke to 10 News were split on whether Virginia should gas up or charge up.

“I’m not against electric, but I just brought a car in December and right now I’m paying on that,” said Melissa Holland. “It’s a matter of doing it the right way and not rushing into it. Then, I think it’d be fine.”

“Gasoline is not going to be around forever. So, we have to switch now,” said Chris Lee. “You gotta think about how much you’re saving when you’re not spending money gas with those gas prices and whatnot. I am saving quite a bit of money.”

Dr. Hesham Rakha, Director of the Center for Sustainable Mobility at Virginia Tech’s Transportation Institute said he thinks two things must be considered.

One, “making sure we have clean generation of electricity” and two, “making sure we have enough electricity to support these vehicles we want to charge.”

President Joe Biden’s bi-partisan backed Infrastructure Bill includes funding for charging stations.

“People who think there is a forced choice between reliable/affordable and clean are just plain wrong,” said Gov. Youngkin.

The Governor thanked Senator Steve Newman during his address for sponsoring legislation that would repeal the law which will be considered when the General Assembly meets.

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