Angels of Assisi rescues 15 dogs from abusive conditions

Most of the dogs will be available for adoption as early as this weekend

Shelters in the area are dealing with full capacity, but this Roanoke nonprofit was able to help

ROANOKE, Va. – 15 dogs now have a shot at a happy, healthy life after being rescued by the Angels of Assisi Monday.

The dogs were living in makeshift dog houses and many were chained or tied up in the backyard of the house.

Many shelters in the area are at full capacity, but luckily, Angels of Assisi is able to hold the dogs.

Angels of Assisi said that many of the dogs had never been inside before they were rescued.

“Some of them were in pens, some of them were tied up with dog houses or make-shift dog houses,” Angels of Assisi spokesperson Dayna Reynolds said. “And they were just in a rural area. The people, we think, just got in over their heads, so they’re getting help and we’re helping the animals.”

The dogs are in the process of being spayed and neutered, as well as getting shots and vaccines, but many will be available for adoption as soon as this weekend.

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