Virginia Department of Wildlife: How to avoid hitting a deer on the road

(Texas Parks and Wildlife Department)

The beautiful fall foliage and shorter days aren’t the only things that come with fall.

Deer will be on the move in the coming months, according to the Virginia Department of Wildlife. This means the chances of hitting a deer on the road are higher.

Not only is fall the breeding season for deer, but with the time change, more drivers will be on the roads in the dark, VDW said.

The department of wildlife recommends doing the following to avoid hitting a deer while driving:

  • Slow down and pay more attention while you drive, especially if you’re on the road at night;
  • If you see deer-crossing signs, use caution;
  • When a deer crosses in front of you, push the breaks and stop if you need to, but never swerve out of the lane;
  • Always wear a seatbelt;
  • In the event that you do hit a deer, immediately report the incident to a Conservation Police Officer or other law enforcement officer in the county or city where it happened.

VDW said if you do hit and kill a deer or bear, you can keep it for your own use if you report it to a law enforcement officer where the crash happened and the officer sees the animal then gives you a possession certificate to do so.

Learn more about driving safety when it comes to wildlife by watching the Virginia Department of Wildlife video below.

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