Lynchburg residents and businesses remain ‘shocked’ after shooting in Cornerstone area

Iron and Ale will remain closed as staff and family continue to grieve and honor the life of Tyler Johnson.

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Residents and business owners in the Cornerstone area of Lynchburg are still in shock after a shooting killed one person at Iron and Ale Lynchburg Tap and Table.

Outside the entrance of the restaurant now lies a memorial honoring 28-year-old Tyler Johnson. Johnson was killed on Friday evening.

Posted on one of the windows of the restaurant is a note that reads, “One of our children, Tyler Johnson, was shot and killed last night by a random, unhinged person.”

The suspect in the shooting, Derek Lewis, was taken into custody in Jacksonville, Florida, around 2 p.m. Saturday, according to Lynchburg police.

Many of the residents and business owners in the area never expected an incident like this to occur.

Surrounding the businesses are multiple apartment complexes that house several Liberty University students. One student told 10 News that even students not living in the area like to come down to it because it’s one of the safer parts of the city.

Out of respect for the family and staff of Iron and Ale, several business owners did not want to speak to 10 News on camera.

The Iron and Ale family is still grieving and plans to be closed for some time. On Monday afternoon some of the staff came in to try and donate some of their food to a local food pantry since most of it would be bad by the time the restaurant reopens.

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