Local LGBTQ+ community reacts to Colorado shooting

The shooting left five dead and 18 injured

ROANOKE, Va. – “If you’ve even heard about it, you’re in some way touched,” Metropolitan Community Church member Cathy Fisher said.

A gunman opened fire at a gay nightclub in Colorado Saturday night.

In what is being called a ‘hate attack,’ five people were killed and 18 were injured.

“That brings a lot of fear to people who might go to the nightclubs,” Fisher said.

Here at home, the LGBTQ+ community is standing together to support those affected.

Metropolitan Community Church is an LGBTQ+ affirming church in Roanoke.

“We’re a part of a denomination that was set up specifically for LGBT people to have somewhere to go because so many churches were not welcoming with us,” she said.

Fisher says that the stigma and hate plays a large role in shootings like this.

“We wanna see stigma about LGBT people cleared up so that there’s less general misconception and hate in the world when something like this might arise,” she said.

Fisher wants people to know that they are not alone when walking through a shooting.

“This is not something that God would ever want to happen, but that God is with us in this. And I hope that we can find some peace in knowing that God will walk with us through that,” she said. “And we will walk with each other as well, because that’s why we’re here.”

She says it’s the church’s job to stand by those who are affected, regardless of sexual orientation.

“Any church, especially those that are affirming can just stand by the people and express the sorrow over the event and sadness and say that it’s wrong that it happens,” she said.

The role of those who are not in the LGBTQ+ community is important as well.

“The more we as humans get together whether you’re in a church, a community, whatever, but certainly the churches should have grace in situations like this. "

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