Former Montgomery County superintendent to pay school board based on agreement

Dr. Mark Miear, former superintendent of Montgomery County Public Schools (WSLS 10)

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Va. – The former superintendent of the Montgomery County Public School system is now required to pay back the school board to resolve excess payments.

This agreement comes after the former superintendent, Mark Miear, was fired in March of 2022 when the school board voted unanimously to let him go.

Following months of speculation, Miear outlined the incident that led to his dismissal in a Facebook post, as we reported. According to him, the school board OK’d a decision about his own child without his consent.

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Miear is now opening up about his agreements with the school board. He said the original agreement was for the school board to pay him until he was eligible for retirement in November. However, he said he was actually eligible for retirement in March.

According to the new agreement, Miear has to pay $55,137.61 by Jan. 31 to resolve the excess payments with the board.

Miear said the new agreement allows him to tell his side of the sitation since it doesn’t legally bind him to withhold his opinions on the school board.

You can read the new agreement in full below.

According to the above agreement, the board is also required to make corrections to payroll and tax filings. As of Monday afternoon, Miear said he is still waiting for the adjustments to be made to his W-2.

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