Additional SNAP benefits coming to an end in Virginia

The emergency allotments began because of Covid-19

Emergency SNAP benefits are coming to an end in the Commonwealth.

The emergency allotments began as a result of COVID-19 assistance. Congress decided to end these extra allotments, starting Feb. 16.

The change will likely have an economic impact on grocery stores and other retailers who accept SNAP as a form of payment.

It will also impact families who will now lose the extra money they have used to buy groceries.

Local experts say that now is a good time to find career opportunities for extra money.

“Rest assured if they’re needing additional income right now, it’s a good time to get out there and look for a job because there are plenty of jobs available from restaurants and retail all the way up to jobs that require a little more education and experience,” said Tim Saunders, Business Engagement and Outworks Coordinator for Virginia Career Works.

Households will return to receiving their regular SNAP benefit amount as normal in March 2023.

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