Growing concerns for national security

Senator Mark Warner is pushing for more funding to address airborne risks

National security concerns continue to mount after a Chinese spy balloon and several other objects were shot down in U.S. airspace.

On Thursday, Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine pushed to fully fund the Department of Defense office in charge of addressing airborne national security risks.

Both senators voiced concerns over the Communist Party of China invading the United States’ privacy.

“The Chinese Communist party would have never allowed an American spy satellite to float across China,” Senator Warner said. “So we took that down. We have done a good job of recovering some of the component parts, and there is now a deep intelligence analysis going on.”

Senator Warner is also voicing concerns over TikTok, saying the Chinese could use it to manipulate young Americans.

He says he’s not opposed to a full ban on TikTok if it is on the table.

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