Montgomery County board members approve cigarette tax

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Va. – Some people will have to start paying more for cigarettes in Montgomery County.

In a 4-3 vote, the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors approved a measure allowing the county to collect 40 cents on cigarettes sold in “unincorporated areas” outside the towns.

Board members said the money collected from the tax is about $200,000, and it’ll go to the Parks and Recreation Department.

Some board members are split on the issue.

“I think a better way to promote revenue would be to promote economic growth and prosperity of pro-business, and not putting that burden back on our businesses,” said Sherri Blevins, a board member.

Other board members support the tax.

“The tax made sense to me, it’s not like I hate cigarette smokers I don’t, but we have such a limited number of options to generate revenue, we need to spread around the burden,” Sarah Bohn, another board member, said

The tax will go into effect on July 1.

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Duke Carter returned to 10 News in January 2022.