Winter weather makes its way to the region

10 News had crews all over the region Sunday morning to track road conditions and accumulation.

In Blacksburg, there wasn’t a lot of snow, but it’s a lot more than we can say for the rest of this season.

Weather experts say Sunday’s weather event is the most the area has seen all winter.

Roads were clear in Blacksburg, but some snow did start to accumulate on the shoulder.

Across the area, we largely saw a wintry mix of sleet, snow and freezing rain.

Plus, with VDOT crews working and treating the roads during the day, it kept the roads clear and safe for people to get where they were heading.

“As long as it doesn’t stop me from getting home today, I’m fine with the snow. It wasn’t too bad knocking snow off my car, and it’s not really sticking to the ground,” Hotel Roanoke guest Xavier Cachon said.

10 News is working for you to bring you all the changing weather conditions on air-and online.

About the Author:

Abbie Coleman officially joined the WSLS 10 News team in January 2023.