Hokie fans welcome home Virginia Tech Women’s Basketball team from NCAA Tournament

After a long day of travel, the team arrived in Blacksburg to a crowd of fans showing their support

BLACKSBURG, Va. – The Virginia Tech Women’s Basketball team made the trip from Dallas to Blacksburg on Saturday.

The team was welcomed home by dozens of Hokie fans, who waited hours for their arrival because of weather-related delays.

Fans made it clear, they weren’t going anywhere until they got to welcome home the Hokies in style.

A friend of Coach Kenny Brooks, Jim Bares, said he drove nearly three hours to be here for the teams return.

“It represents this University to the highest. It makes me proud to be a Hokie,” said Bares.

Several fans 10 News spoke with on Saturday say the ladies on the team are influential.

“We’re out here to show them that they’re still important to this area, to the school, to the town of Blacksburg and Virginia as a whole, but also to the young kids. Because these are role models to young girls,” said Virginia Tech alum, Ben Ferguson.

““They’re amazing role models. They’re not only great athletes, but great people,” said Hokie fan, Sidney Reynolds.

Fans said they want the team to know, that no matter the outcome of the Final Four game, fans are proud of the team, and even more proud to be Hokies.

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