Inflation trending down but Americans ‘not seeing much of it,’ according to financial expert

ROANOKE, Va. – Inflation is beginning to trend down according to the most recent report form the Bureau of Labor Statistics released on Wednesday morning.

Inflation rose 5% through March, which is down from 6% reported during the month of February.

Data shows this is the slowest pace since May 2021.

Experts like Chris Markowski, president of Markowski Investments said this can be taken as a sign of heading in the right direction, but most people won’t see the effects anytime soon.

“The average person is not really seeing much of it,” said Markowski. “It’s very little by little type of moves. Some of it in the grocery stores, hasn’t really moved at all.”

This report could also signal a slow down on the Federal Reserve raising of interest rates in the future.

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