Danville Casino brings traffic to local businesses

DANVILLE, Va. – It has been one week since Caesars opened a temporary casino in Danville, and people are still flocking to try their luck.

Nearby businesses say there had been some discussion over whether or not the casino would be a good thing, but one shop says they’re already seeing the benefits.

Foxglove is a clothing store just down the road from Caesars.

They said the first few days, there was a boom in traffic and business to the area - drawing more people to their store.

“There are a lot of naysayers out there no matter what. It could be the second coming of Jesus and they’d still have something negative to say about that, so I think this will get Danville over the hump. I really do, I think this is the push we need to get over that hill,” secretary and treasurer of Foxglove John Mason said.

Caesars is still working on building a permanent casino for the future.

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