Carilion Clinic to provide medical care at IRONMAN

ROANOKE, Va. – Preparations for the IRONMAN race are underway in the Star City.

The intense race that requires swimming, biking, and running through the Blue Ridge Parkway kicks off this weekend.

Medical staff plan to be on-site during the hours-long race to treat people who need it.

Carilion Clinic’s orthopedic surgery department will lead an education training session on Saturday, before the race.

Medical volunteers will learn more about foot and ankle injuries, and heat-related illness, among other conditions that occur during endurance events.

Carilion Clinic’s Dr. Chris John said his team is prepared to provide participants with the best care.

“It’s heartwarming, it’s just like this multi-faceted team that sort of comes together on that day from different specialties,” Dr. John said. “There are people from all across the region just like there’s people you know nationally and internationally come to the race.”

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