Danville police say more charges pending in ‘Operation Blitz’

DANVILLE, Va. – Danville Police held a news conference on Thursday to address the five-day operation that led to 25 people being arrested on 31 charges.

Officers seized 11 firearms, 262 grams of meth, 72 grams of Fentanyl, 224 grams of cocaine, and almost 5 pounds of marijuana.

Police said it’s a concern for the community that led them to take action.

“In May, we did see an upward trend in gun violence,” Danville Police’s Lieutenant John Dixon said. “That is what sparked ‘Operation Blitz.’”

10 News has been tracking shootings since the beginning of the year across the region. May has seen three different gun violence incidents in Danville where three people were killed and three were hurt.

Two of the 11 guns recovered during the investigation were stolen police said, and they said there’s evidence to suggest some of the firearms were used in recent gun violence. The weapons will undergo ballistic analysis.

“We utilize any means at our disposal to allow us to reduce crime and keep our city safe, whether it be through community policing, technology, or enforcement,” Danville police Public Relations Specialist Matt Bell said.

Police hope that with this operation they’ve taken dangerous people off the street.

“Some of those that are arrested are gang members,” Bell said. “We will not be getting into specifics about who is identified as gang members.”

Juveniles were a part of the operation, but on Thursday police declined to say how many are involved just yet, as there are more charges pending. For now, police are considering this operation a job well done.

“It also makes us feel good that this was a successful operation during Operation Blitz, there was no firearm-related aggravated assaults,” Dixon said. “So that was a success.”

Now, law enforcement will work with local and federal partners to determine the best venue for prosecution.

Police said community members actually helped them make these arrests, by providing valuable information. If you want to leave a tip, contact Danville Police at 434-793-0000.

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