Officials say avoid bright blue, teal water at Smith Mountain Lake

SMITH MOUNTAIN LAKE, Va. – If you see bright blue or teal water at Smith Mountain Lake, officials are urging you to avoid it.

The health department says what you’re seeing is likely an algae bloom, which is happening because of certain weather patterns.

The algae bloom is causing discoloration of the water and a layer of film on the surface, according to the Virginia Department of Health. Officials say you may also notice dead fish or other aquatic organisms nearby.

Chief Ohlerich with Smith Mountain Lake Marine Fire and Rescue said the SML Fireboats have been out to check on the algae bloom along with the DEQ and VDEM-Haz Mat.

You can report and track the algae bloom, as well as see warnings across the nation on the Virginia Department of Health’s website here.

See photos of the discolored water at Smith Mountain Lake on the SML Marine Fire Rescue Facebook Page here.

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